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Yoga and meditation are powerful tools to bring more depth, purpose, and acceptance into your life. They can help with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues, and help you connect both to yourself and to something larger than yourself.

A home practice in particular can help to establish yourself as the sole authority in your life and cultivate inner strength, courage, and harmony.

If you are interested in learning yoga and meditation but are not sure where to start, it would be my pleasure to help you through the Jumpstart Program.

The Jumpstart Program includes:

  • A 30-minute initial consultation call to establish your interests and goals and see if we are a good fit. The consultation is free, and there is no obligation or pressure to continue. You’ll only pay for the program if we agree to work together after the call.

  • Three 60-minute private yoga and/or meditation sessions.

  • Two personalized home practices.

Each session is scheduled at your convenience, and will build on core fundamentals appropriate to your physical and emotional condition. You’ll have the chance in between our sessions to practice what we are learning and return with questions for refinement and deepening of your experience and learning. At the end of the three sessions, I will create two personalized yoga and meditation sequences, based on your unique goals and needs, that you can practice on your own.

Prices for the Jumpstart Program are as follows:

In-Person: $450

Skype/Facetime: $380

To schedule your free consultation, fill out the New Client Form and I will be in touch shortly to schedule a time for us to chat. In the meantime, feel free to contact me with any questions!